The ё-ENGINEERING company is providing a wide range of engineering and consulting services in the automotive industry field, performing research, engineering, calculation and analytical works.

We are practicing the individual approach and, in addition to our own resources, if necessary, attracting the best foreign specialists. The ё-ENGINEERING team has a unique combination of competencies both in the fields of mechanics and electronics. It makes our team look very favorably against foreign companies, most of which are quite narrowly specialized. We know how to integrate mechanics and electronics to get the optimal result without involving the сore companies as opposed to most automakers.

While solving design problems, our engineers are using the latest CAD / CAM / CAE-systems, significantly reducing the project preparation and design stages time. Our specialists are performing all the necessary mathematical calculations and product testing in the virtual mode and, thereby, cutting down the prototype production and preliminary tests costs. In so doing the virtual and real tests balance is being observed with quite a clear idea what kind of tests is to be made a priority.

The ё-ENGINEERING company provides engineering and consulting services, design, calculation and analytical works in the field of industrial engineering. Thanks to our specialists having good experience in the field of production, marketing and quality control task solution high efficiency is being achieved.